Womxn Beauty

April 8, 2015

If only we would love our hips
The way we love the moon’s seductive curves~
Rounded by a stroke of femininity,
Tempting by nature’s pallet.

Let the curves of the moon reflect in your universal body~
Intertwined in romance with yourself.

You are the moon’s curves,
You are the Earth’s robust fantasy.

If only we would cradle
our love handles
with transformative compassion,
Like a mother holds her newborn~
Transferring divine light from our
into their plump camp grounds.

The blessing of this meat
on raw human
Should excite all beings into electricity~
Never shamed like the female body is always shamed
like society shames
like you shame~
No more shame.
Be at peace.

If only we would let our thighs touch without destructive tension,
like lovers touch all across globes.
Like lovers love to unite!
Brushing against each other to stay warm,
Restlessly craving to feel the other with every movement.

Step by step,
The craving of thigh gap
Dissolves into soft sands.

If only we would look down at our stomachs
And smile every time~
Like we look down at the flowers
And smile every time.
Like a sunset always makes us smile.
Like a sunrise brings us joy of new beginnings.

If only we always remembered
the strength of our womxn stomachs,
How they create
How they protect.
I want to love stomach the most.
I want to fall in lust with my roundness all down there,
Where beautiful things sprout and grow.

I want to tender touch my stomach and never be scared,
scared to hate something on my field of dreams
called body earth.

We must love our cheeks,
The circles on our rhythmic faces.
The wild life on our plush lips,
The greasy vitality in our rooted hair.
The hair on our upper lip
And chin
And forehead.
The hair everywhere there is life.
It’s a blanket of unconditional love.
It wants you to be comfortable
During seasons of mind questions
And love poundings.

We must feed our breasts
With energy
that lifts broken faith and transforms it into building bones.

Bones built
Into a temple
Atop your highest peak.

I think that peak is everywhere~
Inside of you
Outside of you.

That peak is you.
That temple is you too.

Vow to love your home of self
Because it is everything you could have ever craved~
It is your wildest wish come alive.

You are the world you’ve always wanted to see.

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