White, Black, and Brown

February 28, 2014


Create poems using quotes from movie scripts
To show why some screenplay writers and directors alike
At second’s gaze, are pretty damn poetic.

Bolded lines are from original screenplays
Regular lines are from unoriginal plays on your screen

Scene 2: Jackie Brown

Forgers: Quentin Tarantino

Forager: Hovhannes Mkhitaryan

Visceral Mass:

I’ll tell you now, before I start to forget
about the days I went through,
doing whatever I had to do to survive.

Laws were irrelevant to us then,
not because we lacked morality, no
it was because staying alive meant
more to us than being a saint for Uncle Sam
or whoever might come knocking on our door.

I knew there was a better way of life
and I was just trying to find
the most righteous path there.
You don’t know what you’ll do
until you’re put under pressure.
We were honest liars,
copped out and criminalized
fairy tale followers.
That’s what we are – against our will, and
You can find it all in the street.

We were the foundation for every
White House
Snow snorting
Law abiding
Saint out there,
Comfortable asses
Would catch hell without a ghetto around.

I’m too lazy of a writer
to tell short stories,
so I’ll try to describe my short story
in a few smoke induced,
pressure relieving

You asked me why I did the things I did,
and I heard the judgmental tone in your voice.

Let me tell you what’s wrong with you,
You think you’re a good guy.
When you go into a deal
you don’t go in prepared
to take that motherfucker
all the way.

That demon holding you back from getting your own
no matter what
is none other than Mr. Morality,
I’ve learned that the force which keeps your chin high
can keep your wallet thin as well.

And when opportunities present themselves
to your precious moral compass ownin’ ass
You go in looking for a way out.
And it ain’t cause you’re scared neither.
It’s cause you think you’re a good guy,
and you think there’s certain things
a good guy won’t do.

You see there are three types of people on the grind
Victims, witnesses, innocent bystanders…
I wasn’t one of them; I refused to be one of them.
Then there’s two; CRIMINALS.
I was never disturbed enough to be one of them either.
Criminals, those
sonabitches have dedicated their
lives to a life outside the law.
I wasn’t dedicated to it,
I was forced into it.
Where I belonged was the third category,
the category we refer to as LOSERS.

Not evil enough to be a criminal,
not naïve enough to be innocent.
My friends and I, we were losers
trying too damn desperately to win.

Not demanding any resumes,
Crime hired us.
And although business was booming
we were
Cash poor.
Gold watches couldn’t feed mouths,
but we stole more
with hopes to disprove that theory.

We quickly learned that things aren’t important,
it’s what you choose to do with them that matters.
Our gang was comprised of lonely men
looking for families amongst other, lonely men.

I just feel like I’m always starting over,
with you, with your mom,
and most importantly with myself.

When I dropped, my best friend asked me
“What the fuck happened to you, man?
Shit, your ass use’ta be beautiful.”

We were drenched in dirt,
sweat, and sometimes blood,
but damn were we beautiful.

And that was it for me,
I’ve never felt alive after that.

I hope you get to read this message son,
and realize how much love I have for you.
Love I’ve never been able to express effectively.

And when I get to Junior’s Promised Land
I’ll send you a postcard, partner.
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