The Wall

March 8, 2014

“Skip to the drop.” She instructs me,
as we drive urgently to the night’s final destination
with no remorse about our current speeds –
and no care for the buildup.

My ride, a baby blue
is treading on thin ice
by this time of the week.

Our parents, who’ve gone through this
rebellion –
are turning in their heads tonight,
as we attempt to fly away from their
carefully and painstakingly forged nests.

Fly or sink
the gamble is worth it to us,
at least till tomorrow
when a new nest is built
with new children to annoy.

But tonight we’ll
then dance some more.

Irony at its finest,
for our joyful leaps tonight
skipped our build up
and took us straight for
the drop.

The project managers will seize our leased property,
and be audacious enough to charge a return fee.

Why parents prefer their nest filled,
we’ll never have the displeasure of finding out.
Goodbye baby blue,
now we’re just more bricks
for the wall.

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