November 11, 2014

I did it!
I broke free at last.
Free from her spell,
She unwittingly cast.
No longer a tortured,
Wretched young soul.
Bound by her beauty,
To hell I would go.
Now I am free,
A free man I am!
Though empty inside,
Now in command.
Colors are bright,
Like never before.
Oh! How I hate it!
To be hers no more.
Do what you will,
Use shackle and chain.
I’ve been yours for too long,
I can’t be happy when sane.
Bewitch me! I beg you!
Do some-thing I plead.
How cruel you must be,
To let me live like this, free.
You win. I give in.
I’m yours endlessly.
But now I must wait,
Until you acknowledge me.

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  • Hakop Oganasyan

    This is beautiful. You’d make Alexander Pushkin proud!