unrequited love

March 25, 2014

The days so mundane
Flow into one another
And I cannot recall
When I last peaked into your forbidden mind

And the loneliness never felt so secure
As I floated into the sea’s open arms
She knew of your anchor drowning me
When I gave her my heart to mend

It is senseless to even say ‘I miss you’
When it feels like jagged glass
I feel empty and cratered like the moon
And I long for you to fill my void again

It is senseless to even still remember
But how can I forget the way the sun
Illuminated you in an inviting silhouette
As I ran towards burning light to catch your shadow
And how can I forget the way the moon
Called on to us with beckoning smiles in each crater
As darkness engulfed our passions from peering eyes
But how can I forget the way the stars
Reflected all the earthly fire in your eyes
When you met my soul for the first time
And how can I forget the way the wind
Made the chestnut trees dance like lovers
As we tried to sway with the wind just the same
Tell me, how can I forget the way the sea
Kissed the shore with each ambient wave
As we wished to drown our love in its innocence
How can I forget, tell me
How I can just forget?

It is senseless to say ‘I’ve never loved’
Before you taught me the beauty of unrequited love
It is pure and it is wonderful and it is magical
A love that is never returned
Will never stop loving

And I tried to forget you
The way you forgot about me
But you grew flowers in my brain
And the roots reached down to my soul
And the petals led a path to the sea
When I counted them all
I knew you did not love me

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