March 30, 2014

I tumbled downward, swept away by a honeyed whisper, so mellifluous yet draining… and I slipped; “just surrender,” I heard, “just fall, and fall, and fall. Stop stopping, stop starting, and stop thinking. Surround yourself with the lush, and the false, and then let lose whatever grasp you’re straining to keep. Wash yourself away, wash this reality away, and allow my gravity to separate you from your senses. Strive to become disjointed entirely and when you’re apart, you’ll find yourself blind to the needs of your flesh and the agony weighing on your nerves, and the beast prowling your soul will cease his hunt, and you’ll soon see the truth. Awake.”

And as if lightning struck me, the world was muted save for that sweet voice echoing up my spine…

I hadn’t remembered stopping and dozing during my walk, but I must have. And as I cautiously surveyed the streets, wondering just where I may have ended up, I realized the situation… Like I had been doused in blood, and fed to the wolves. But I was now alone. Lost. Darkness stretched for miles around me; civilization had uprooted and left… Or melted. I didn’t know. But beneath, and above, I was engulfed in black.

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