Seven Ancient Affectations, Chronologically

March 12, 2014

The spirit is given body
Honored with proportional beauty
A spirit capable of bringing
An even greater beauty
Even beyond those in contact

The birth is joyful
The universe celebrates its worth
The blistering potency
For either great healing
Or even greater virulence

But life is no god-being
It is neutral, impartial, impermanent
The fire of undeserved suffering
The tribulations, an inverted crucifix
Karma seems a joke, or at least broken

But each crest and wave
Of torrential injustice
Is met by the fiercest resolve
Of an adamantine young punk
Spitting in the face of Torment

Because even if life cannot
Bring balance to its own charges
She can. And in doing so
A more honest beauty is acknowledged
In life’s cruelty, in her ability to counter-act

And thus the personality is borne
By that soul. Illustrious.
Each subsequent life is touched
Sometimes by emanation, sometimes by plague
But always by virtuous potential

So the most honest matter
The one heart, and those other hearts
Become entwined with that same balance
Between loveliness and desecration
And just this once, I hope life will be fair

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