Seal My Fate

April 13, 2015

The papers hit my tongue, so soft,
like tiles thrown at hardwood floors.
They compress at my finger’s touch
but now they’re gone; they are no more.

Strange sensations in my legs,
I’m trapped by leather chairs.
Pins and needles, knives and stakes
all crush my limbs – I could not care.

We arrive, I leap, and the world turns orange
through shades of a similar hue.
The path winds, it curls, it twists,
and my feet cannot keep up with you.

I stand upon a great green cliff
from where I see a snake uncurl
it’s see-through skin and see-through heart
around the much more distant hills.

Continuing now (two hours now)
I feel like my poor soul’s worn thin;
I feel that my poor soul’s too full
and begin to burst at the skin.

But sated is just another place
that I can escape with the strength of I.
I am ready to learn again,
and turnĀ  my gaze up to the sky.

Above (up high) the clouds become
the serpent from the ancient crest.
The snake is now more visible now,
it’s heart – the beating in my chest.

I run, I flee, I must get away
from the death that would become of me.
I find safety on a large grey stone
and throw my colour, and sit, and be.

We reach the water, a trip so long,
where spouts spurt from a cliff-face new.
The falls have changed since last we met,
The falls have changed since before I flew.

The faces come, they have arrived,
with eyes shut in deep contemplation.
The faces speak with a voice not theirs:
their thoughts are my creation.
The faces leave, we’ve left them there,
among the stones and waterbed.
The faces sleep, but I don’t know how,
when the sky has erupted into red.





But I am not afraid, in fact it’s nice
to have a change of colour so late.
Purple the earth, green the grass,
orange the world, and seal my fate.

Some may say I’ve lost my mind, but I have left you all behind.
I leave my life, my death, and fall – I left my world at the waterfall.

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