The Rhodes Poems

April 30, 2014

Three short pieces depicting very odd, specific moments from around the campus of Rhodes College in Memphis.

Thawing Trees
I would rather draw missiles
than die from snowfall.
But if I did die,
I would be pure as bleached sawdust,
as the lungs with glass veins
that rest starkly by the path;
when they bleed
I mistake them for rain.

Kafka in a Cage
As soon as I heard the fierce sporadic buzzing
I was done and wincing—
the wingèd thing, trapped in white plastic.
It bounced along the curve of the light
and returned to the bottom,
shadow growing slightly stiller
until all motion was gone.

The Anomaly, 1:42 AM
And as if
1000 morse code messages
were meant for a better writer,
the buildings flicker
and the night babbles on.

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