March 11, 2014

I was blind once myself
to the subtle things I’m doing now.
I’m sure they resent me
as a repeating pattern comes next:
They don’t know I’m trying to know as best as I can
to figure out everything in such a short time.

I look at my new creations and ponder
how I’m going to teach them
to survive in a war,
or die in love.
My faults are nothing I’m at fault for,
I don’t know everything,
and neither will you
my children – I’m passing this down,
a thing I never understood as best as I could.
Only if I looked up more often,
at least now and then would have been good.

You can’t see me,
but I can you.
My senior project:
“Accelerated Evolution
and Atomic Consciousness.”
Just lines in my borrowed code,
but you feel the world as deeply
as I do – a patch I worked tirelessly for.

You’ll be pushed and pulled,
for my wonder’s sake.
No worries though,
nothingness doesn’t hurt.
return Intelligence;

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