Parental War

October 23, 2014

Two incredibly unique strands of DNA
were ripped apart in preparation,
and during conception
paired perfectly to make one whole –
I owe my life to you two.

And as I,
in equal parts both Him and Her –
can understand your worlds,
the reasons for your war.

My Hope is unfaltering,
my Faith just the same,
for the vista
atop The Objective Hill
has taught me that
it’s a tug of war down there,
but you’re both saying the same
Godly things.

Ideas clash…
then give in.

And when we’re both finished
fighting, we welcome
an energy filled silence that’s
difficult to believe,
let alone explain.

When both have had their say
have been pierced by Another’s
Truth – that is Peace,
that is Love.

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