March 31, 2014

Others will ask,
What was it like?
To watch your world end?
I was the last.
What was a mission,
Became my survival.
Going alone to the void,
Never would come back.

Others will say,
I’m sorry for what happened.
When space folded,
My world turned in,
Like curling up in bed,
As for the last time.
Painless, I suppose,
But what’s the difference?

Others will think,
What will happen to him now?
In another world,
Another time.
I can only hope,
To forget, to go on.
What’s there for me,
When I lost everything?

Others will demand,
Where do you come from?
My universe gone,
Now mere figments of thought.
My thoughts.
So much responsibility,
To carry that memory.
Eons of life-
Only alive when I close my eyes.

Others will know,
When the portal opened,
A man, like them,
Fell through.
He begged for death,
They couldn’t understand,
They’ll never know.

Others will soon see,
Why I came here.
To this time, this place.
I hope I can save them,
Save their world,
From the same fate as mine.
While I was once blind to it,
I understand now.

I wasn’t the only one who came through that portal.

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