“You have one new text message.”

June 11, 2014

Merlot. Good or bad may be the wine, but I naively believe every wine is made with good intention. I, intoxicated and invoked by average Merlot, find myself scrutinizing my situation. Do ones feet lead one’s thoughts? Or do one’s thoughts lead ones feet?

In this good and great Merlot state, my feet lead my mind, yet they are in harmony with the honesty of my mind. My sober mind couldn’t have led my feet in greater balance because it is doubtful of its true nature. It is doubtful of herself.

Yet numb your mind with good wine and you’ll find your feet will conduct it through the purest of symphonies. Merlot. Music. Melody. Passion and drive. This is divinity.

Accept this and ignore it.

This is the rhythm of my life.

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