Never Mine

February 8, 2014

If I had half captured the smile,
shielded from the sun and half
tempered by dark,
I would have conquered all
and been destined for contentment,

The ripened fruit and
opulent boughs of blossom
whisper a vernal sigh of
bleached-pink hue and
are yours to command,
Nature and her fresh glance
even deliver to the face
of one such as you,

The snow-capped whites
of exotic heights resonates around
your neck of purest statue,
an Earthly ember stirs your
Heart and with vermillion lips
you extinguish all with a
delicate touch,

As gold pours from your mouth,
and rose-petals from your skin,
I kneel before the avarice of Love,

I am yours – but you are never mine.

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