Letter to the Future

January 4, 2014

Dear Human,

You have undoubtedly come so far since this letter was written. It brings your ancestors great pleasure knowing that our sacrifice led to a mass awakening and you have inherited this Earth better than it was when we left it. The transition did not come easy.
In matter of fact, we had to discover deeper layers of darkness in our collective consciousness in order for this to happen.
It’s difficult to admit this, just as I’m sure that it’s difficult for you to understand how we could possibly have acted the way we did.
We did things to each other. Terrible things.
Before my generation, war shaped countries to become what they are.
Billions of people experienced slavery, torture, murder, rape, and death.
We judged each other. We hated each other. We were afraid of what was different, because we did not realize that we are the same.
And just like a cancer, our ignorance spread.

We worshiped money and power, thinking that it would bring us salvation and joy.
We believed mythical stories and built our entire lives over these belief systems which were passed down to us.
We idolized false prophets, believed in predictions, and took each others lives over these brain-washing principles.
We responded to fear stronger than love, even though we knew that Love would eventually emerge as the dominant force of all things.

It was hard for us to see.

We willingly inhaled cancer through cigarettes, swallowed chemicals through our food, and slaughtered billions of animals each day for our consumption. We had enough resources to feed and provide for all, but 100’s of millions went starving each night.
We polluted our atmosphere, our oceans, and destroyed our own bodies.
We created the genocide of our souls and sold out our morals for temporary moments of gratification.
We did not really need most of the things that we sought, yet we were willing to rape this planet and risk our children’s future just for our over-consumption. But do not blame us for our ignorance, because we simply did not know better and what we experienced was necessary for our evolution.
I know you look back at the way that we lived and have various emotions.

Perhaps you are in disbelief at how we could treat each other the way we did.
Perhaps you can’t believe how we possibly lived with such primitive technology compared to yours.
Just know that the same will happen to your future generations as well. And let us hope it does!
Let us hope that our grandchildren can always look back at their grandparents lifestyle in disbelief.
Let us hope that human beings expand for the better and are constantly improving in their morals, ethics, and the knowledge of our existence.
Although the history of our species may seem brutal, just know that it was all necessary for us to reach the level of advanced intelligence that we have. Every thing serves its purpose. The darkness was placed in our time-line in order to teach us how to emerge into the light.
We came very close to ruining it all. We came very close to reaching the point of no return.
The Earth almost collapsed under the pressure that we created, but we are so proud that you have turned it all around.

Your air is purer than the air we breathed. Your water is cleaner. Your resources are renewable.
Your cultural understanding is more mature. Your respect for life is admirable. Your organization and unity is inspiring.
We want to Thank You for moving in the direction that you have moved.
We want to apologize for our wrong-doings and hope you understand that we truly tried our best with the limited knowledge that we had.
Our history was manipulated. We were taught to memorize useless facts rather than learn about who we are.
We were marketed to and turned into zombies.
We thought we over-came slavery, but we just masked it with a system that over-provided for a few, and under-provided for the majority.

In many ways, we failed as a species, but deep down, we always hoped that our children will learn from our mistakes and create a better world.
Undoubtedly, they have.
We take a look at you and all that you have built and marvel at the genius of the human will.
As our generation perished off of this Earth, our old ideologies and flawed belief systems have perished with us. But they gave birth to yours.

They inspired you to make things better and you rose to the challenge.
You saw a world that was being destroyed and you fixed it.
You saw a Species that was facing mass-extinction and you saved it.
From cavemen to high-tech life, the same spiritual principles have remained the same.
The emotions that a caveman felt when creating fire is the same emotions that you feel when discovering a new technology.
The emotions felt when a homeless person found food and shelter for the night is the same emotions you feel when something great happens in your life.
This is what connects us through time. Emotions! It is the invisible thread that ties our generations together.
And yes, our environment can change, but our Spirits remain eternal.
The movies of our lives may look different, but the Director will always be the same.
Universal Truth will always emerge.

Always respect your past, but know that you are not bound by it.

Know that you too will someday be looked back at as primitive and barbaric, but all these material things that define us are just reflections of something much greater. Yet, this is our human condition. We constantly seek to better ourselves and expand. It is great to finally see that we no longer need to destroy each other in order to do so. We have learned that we are stronger together than we are divided.
You have done well Human.
Thank you for accepting our apologizes and creating a World where happiness, peace, respect, sustainability, and mental, physical, and spiritual advancements over-ride power, greed, destruction, and ego.
You have inherited this Planet and you have nurtured it back to Life.
You have taken our beautiful species and you have saved us from ourselves.
We Thank You and honor your strength, resilience, and the beauty of our species.

Artwork by JThree Concepts

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