Let me go on

March 1, 2014

Chaos seems planned after it has resided, but
our appetite for meaning will never be quenched.
“He wills it.”
“The Universe wields it.”
What an unremarkably confused debate,
and the two enlightened believers will quarrel
over who and what, wills or wields it.

It kills them with scientific precision,
didn’t know therapy meant this much destruction.
I wonder what signs it and I can send
to this very rare thing that is growing inside me.

I’m here, the one you’re all fighting about.

I’ve never seen such similar cells
fighting over
if finality is the best of endings
or if an everlasting consciousness
makes for a more romantic story.

What can I do to make them stop.
The ones that want to live forever
are developing a lump in my brain,
and it will grow until none of it matters.
When the being they were living in
settles down and ends their differences.

It kills me to do it,
But I must declare war before I go,
I’ll sing my broken heart out tonight:
We don’t need no trouble;
What we need is love.

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