Forever goes by here

May 1, 2014

Up here,
physics behaves in a predictable
and humane manner.

Ends are met with utter care,
and the light reveals neither gates nor hell.
Past revealing passing waves care little
for disputes by walking bold fish that only own
ancient sight-tools fit for a meeker trade.

Beginnings come free of veils
that attempt to hide adult-dreaded questions.
For all I’ve seen,
powdered fiction eventually fades away to reveal
something much stranger and more unknown
than someone’s dreamt up
and written down universe.

mortal angsts crash
as molecules in a billion year storm –
insignificant and passing,
living things
are free from any temporal life-window.

I’ll write my universe with the
future innocent in mind,
with hopes that they forget time
as the less innocent retell worlds at the side
of their soon to be
too-short beds.
I hope they never leave my place,
for I aim to survive through them.

Forever goes by here and never ends –
and so far,
not one thing has gone out on a
note down.

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