Euler’s Disk

November 5, 2014

Strong inclinations to not fall
gave life to our lilting dance.

We met, intertwined –
then went along our diverging paths,
but only after sharing
our complimentary pasts,
I love what she has allowed to pass,
at last, I care,
at last,
I don’t care about fast.

Slow and steady wins the race
because there is no race,
there is no end!

A physicist thinks about attraction:
There’s Gravity,
and the Nuclear Forces,
Strong and Weak.

But there must be more!
Fill in the blank,
God, Love, Everything.
It’s all the same –
because that’s all there is:
God. Love. Everything.

And our disk continues to spin,
it’s soothing clatter tells me
that we’re destined for

My sweet imagined End goes like this:
The frequency of _____
goes up and up,
climax –
A rattling stop.

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