The Enchantment of the Nix

June 19, 2014

I saw her from my beach playing in the sand
and I said, “let’s go out for just one swim
before the evening tide comes in, and
let the waves sink us deeper.”
She said, “take my hand
and let’s dive in.”
We had too much time to kill,
but still
we swam through flames
to douse our lust and kept on
until the houseboat lights grew dim.

Swept away from native shores,
she told me “it’s time to go,
I’m getting bored.
We should leave here.”
Seas that restlessly aspire
brought me to believe her.

She sharpened up her teeth,
darkened her eyes,
rouged her cheeks,
enchanted my heart,
and lead me upstream.

“Now’s the time to get on your feet, dear;
love is blind under chandeliers.
Put on your face and dance, my dear.”
I am hers under chandeliers.

Send me back into my world,
I miss the comfort of not knowing.
Burn out my soul or take me away,
let me leave here today.
She can help me walk,
but I want to swim.

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