February 6, 2014

The Eagle stood tall as always,
No regrets in its eyes whilst blood drips from its claws
Onto the Globe it stands a drunken guard,
A shield too heavy to hold for ones who lack the muscle
To Anchor themselves on this riverbed of ours.
Suites fill with soot at every attempt to stand still,
Confused Egalitarians eating soup with forks.

As I place this mistimed banner on my back I sense the burden that drove her away in the first place. She was never a fan of war, I guess that’s why she decided to ship out.

I understand you now,
Stubbornly going through bumps
To show your rugged skin,
So you pretended to love the sea to keep it between us.
A somber toast for you
And your desensitized eyes,
As they rest now on your flight back
With your new made friends.

I hope you got to say goodbye.

It reads “My sister is a Marine.”
My pride and joy for all to read.
Our covered up failures for none to see.

We’ll never know if you truly loved the sea
Or if the crashing waves at home had sucked you in

Shots in the air.
Petals on the ground.
Now you’re there lying,
Always Faithful.

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