eccentric girl

February 23, 2014

And the way you look at him
With eyes that burn
He does not understand
Such an eccentric girl
And yet you still stare
As if in his eyes is a poem
Never written down
You want to dissect him
Every thought and desire
All that makes his brain pulse
All that makes his mind an enigma
All his secrets and even darkness
Painted with metaphors
Scattered in lines of poetry
Only you would understand
When they already had a home
In your burning eyes
And from the touch of excruciating love
Something doused with anomalies
Of terror and sweetness
Drowning in the intensity
Of an ocean that succumbs
That fear in his eyes
When you speak of love
As if it is death you utter
A love like a rose with jagged thorns
That can make the gods bleed
With a sweetness never known
Like the forgotten waters of
The fountain of youth
But you still transcend
Too intense and too bold
Your passion a slave
To his desolate gaze
And when you stare at him
You read his soul like your favorite book
Flipping the untouched pages obsessively
Misunderstood and terrified
How can he know?
What love burns within you
When you drown him in it?
But you are difficult to be tamed
By that mouth of his
That still has the taste
Of your soul that you left
On his tongue unbearable
And you will never let him forget
How an eccentric girl
Can really love
To make a man run away
But you want him
Will always want him
Without guilt or shame
A consuming desire
That leaves your body hollow
But you still dream with
Eyes wide open
Every time you look at him
And burn again more intensely
With a love neither of you
Have ever tasted
Maybe if you were different?
Soft in your movements
Patient in your advances
Coy with your intentions
Like the other girls
With all their suitors
Maybe then he would not run?
But the lie burns your tongue
Before it can even escape your lips
You are an eccentric girl
You are not soft in your words
You are not one to play
You are not one to swallow your emotions
You love awake and alive
You love with a soul unedited
You love with dreams untainted
You love honestly and lyrically
You love obsessively and strange
You are a passionate girl
Who loves too much
You are an unusual girl
Who falls in love with the beauty
She paints in every soul she meets
You are an eccentric girl
Whose passions are dying in the sunset
When you tried to find a home
For the lover painted in your head
In his vacant eyes
But he did not know how to love
Such an eccentric girl

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