Deepest Sea

April 2, 2014

Bury me in the deepest sea,
Where angry tides will tear themselves apart,
Mocking the once mellow beat of my still beating heart,
Crashing like every dream I once had,
Like every sorrow I held to feel glad.
May the shield of blue forget what I once knew,
With the hope of each new day,
Swallowed in the remnants of yesterday’s decay,
Always signaling the turn of morrow’s tide,
Leaving desire disillusioned and starry-eyed.
Let the ongoing ocean absolve the lost notion,
When I once could brave much greater times,
In the comfort of all my past lives sublime,
What a simple, trivial notion to endure,
I left myself to rot at the foot of success’s door.
Can the endless tide silence what I confide,
As I write final prayers to ride infinite waves,
Hoping to find better worlds and live better days,
Close my eyes to claim what was meant for me,
Bury me in the deepest sea.

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