All the day long

August 16, 2014

There was something different
that last Thanksgiving visit;
she was different.
Something was always missing—
this time it wasn’t.
This time it felt like I could love her
all the day long.

She could remember
for a moment only,
but that’s all I needed.
For the first time I didn’t see her disease,
I didn’t see the future nightmares of my family,
I saw her.
I saw the woman my dad loved and the woman I was scared to—
a woman whose memories were robbed from us,
but a woman I will remember
all the day long.

She was reciting a card we had gotten her years ago—
a card we forgot.
Clutching it she proved to us
that she loved us
all the day long.

Holding it now,
I will remember her
all the day long.

-Dedicated to Pauline Sarles-

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