the city sound collective

August 14, 2014

Ah, the beautiful sounds of this city,
many strings of a grand harmony,
Listen to the crunching of pavement,
gravel shuffling, under heel and wheel.
leaves falling, blown dry.
Old men push sticks,
the young skate in the park,
hockey sticks clap
and tap-tap the drumsticks
while a voice in the background
laughs and mentions

And yes, the melodic hum of cars
flowing in the distance
faster than the river,
their voices, and horns
and the interlude of sirens
all together, all in tone
going up the mountain,
all come merry, sliding down.
to hear the voices,
tous les langues
sur toutes les langues
la belle vie.

Wait long in order to hear
the rarest of sounds
when all is suddenly silent.
A moment when
the city in its white robe
breathes in the wind
and itself listens.

(Written in a snowy evening in a park in Montreal)

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