cease and desist

May 5, 2014

5:30 am:
Another sleepless eye closing ceremony culminates.
Moments before not much begins
I lay in a tepid atmosphere of buried sins.

I hear something strange ‘cross the great divide:
inopportune birds screech out with fret,
placing drunken bets
not on if, but when.

I’ve come to trust my subconscious mind,
promptly traveling through dizzying finds
whether weathered by reality
or abstract thought
more often then not
I’m physically unscathed
yet mentally distraught
my renegade mind
flips sides every night.

Men ramble out there, tormenting my brain,
derailing my sanity – off to the crazy train.
And if certain cast words seem predictable
and forced, I remind you to remember
who’s been here the most,
who’s eroded the most ground in cyclical form –
on and on
to leave my mark upon
where I’ve been sent to belong.

Chirps rise in tone with symphonic doom
as metallic clings
cling once again,
this time
for enough times
within countless
counted-on walls.

All rhythm breaks.

As the prisoner intern prepares
his chemical gun,
I thank the merciful judge that erased all doubt
about when
and where I’ll cease
to leave
my cyclical remarks
long gone.

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