Captor and Captive

October 3, 2014

I can’t breath
I can’t wait, but waiting is all I’ve got.
I can’t move
I can’t win, but running is all I do.
I sit, I breath, anticipate.
You go, and come, don’t look back.
I watch, I am, irritate.
time is my captor, I its captive
Together is real, apart is reality.
Cold, bitter, but life is still sweet.
I create, I love, I wait, lacrimate.
I know nothing is forever the same.
time is my captive and I win this game
But we play again, on a carousel that never tires.
I’m flung and abused, my storms are not bound by seasons.
You love me, you hate me, but never leave my side.
I accept, I rejoice, collapse, and revive.

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  • Hovhannes Mkhitaryan

    “I accept, I rejoice, collapse, and revive.” – Not unlike the stages of a breath, great work.