Kalispell Par

I am an ambitious artist who exists to alter perceptions through poetry. A few of my favorite things are to paint flowers (on myself or walls), to stretch my fingers across rustic pianos, and frolic in city parks with fellow wanderers. While exploring pianos, whenever I find a key that plays two notes instead of one, I blush so hard I have to excuse myself from the room. This also applies to after I read a fantastic poem, sometimes it happens during the middle. My shoes arrive worn in. As for education, Psychology and Philosophy classes at the University of Colorado saturate most of my time. Working on my degree enhances my vocabulary, understanding, and acceptance. My Abnormal Psychology classes further pull me into my own break of sanity, for it educates me on aspects of creative spells and bursts of purposeful irrationality. I write free-verse, I crave to express my emotions and zest for life.

Petrified birth: the iris awakes

The yellow Daffodil: a noting from the insomniac-tic tourist

Lethal Office 5

Wonderlund Frost