Atomic Arrogance

April 25, 2014

Clusters of finite observable neurons
mirror the mind of the unobservable infinite.
Building blocks all the way down,
and up in scale.

Mirror neurons bring me closer
to the way you feel when you move through space,
and why you cringe at your aging reflection,
I feel your pain.

The burden of connecting with every atom I encounter,
creates an iridescent effect every time I take a step.
Photonic angles change and I’m born again,
ignorance wipes its feet at my doorsetp.

Nature’s creative mind at work. Exhaustively detailed sketches
fill an epic book accredited to The Blind Watchmaker.

The contents on a single page of a grand book
believe that their immaculate page is the reason
for the existence of the whole book itself.

As the contents age, ideas ferment.
Previous pages become simplistic poems
in the eyes of The Blind Watchmaker.
Behold: newer, more creative ways to survive in Nature.
Welcome: the death of ego, and the passing of a crown.

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