Who is Alex?

March 25, 2014

When going out, I taught myself
at all costs to deter
the influence of liquor
on my judgment
of the opposing gender.
No matter how tender
the contender,
I must remember
they’re all previous offenders.
Of course,
the inner voice
never really sways your choice.

So I got acquainted tonight
with a notorious reoffender.
I thought, “okay I’ll bite,”
and it turned into surrender.
Emotionally speaking.
To my dismay, he was not seeking
a commitment,
but a different fulfillment.
Still, at least I made a friend,
from which relationships often stem.
I, a writer
He, an artist
I brought cigarettes, and he a lighter;
This tryst could not get any righter.
At the end of the night, he pulled me tighter,
eyes begging for an overnighter.
I tried to soothe, but remain a fighter.

“Here’s my number, you’ll call me later.”
Smiling from ear to ear,
his dimples almost waived my fear.
“I wish I could get to know you better,”
and fed me words suited for a love letter.
“I promise I don’t want you for the sex.”
Hardest boy ever to reject.
When I did, I got a peck.
Then he said,
“It was nice to meet you Alex.”
Who is Alex?

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